Matchless Metal Hose by Unaflex®

Unaflex® manufactures a complete line of annular metal hose in many different sizes, alloys and configurations. Our MATCHLESS Metal Hose is ideal for absorbing vibration, misalignment, piping expansion or contraction and equipment motion.

Braiding enables use at high pressures and also attenuates vibration. Each annular corrugation is a separate element engineered to impart optimal flexibility for each size of hose that we offer.

Unaflex® is the nation's foremost manufacturer of expansion joints and flexible connectors. Designs range from rugged spool-type expansion joints constructed our of any elastomer, to exotic alloy multi-ply dual bellows. Our space-saving PTFE style 112, 113 and 115 offer maximum chemical resistance in a compact connector while our exclusive combined technology products create a unique hybrid solution with enhanced capabilities for the most demanding applications. The need for metal hose built to exacting specifications, culminated in our engineering and manufacture of unsurpassed Unaflex® MATCHLESS Metal Hose.